"Oklahoma Flyers is in place to build foundations for health, character, teamwork, and self empowerment through riding and competitive racing in order to build better citizens for Oklahoma."


Oklahoma Flyers is a Tulsa, OK based junior cycling program. We want to provide structure, equipment, and leadership to youth cycling. Through this organization, we want to create lifelong habits that reduce mortality, create opportunities for social advancements, and build character through personal goal setting. OKF will sponsor, train, organize, and facilitate riders/racers at both the entry level and the top level of the sport helping foster the development of every rider from novice to expert. This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes that help to foster national and international amateaur sports competition among youth, and qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


SHOW UP! Its that easy. Join us for our week night rides in the spring! We do trail rides in the spring (April-June) on a weekly basis. This is the best way to get plugged into the program, and 'Become A Flyer'. Beyond getting started, we offer training camps for road, mountain biking, and cyclocross. You can also follow us on Facebook or reach out to us via email for all our team updates.


We have lots of great mentors that help lead our group rides. We also have skill and training camps with coaches that are well educated in the sport of cycling, and will help your child develop ride etiquette as well as technique on the bike.


3-4 miles

These are our youngest riders, and typically do a ride loop around the river near the events park. Parents are expected to ride along and help guide their young ones as these are our most unpredictable riders, and need the most guidance.
7-8 miles

Riders that ride toward Turkey on the river trail with our 10-11mi group, but turn back early. These riders are typically chaperoned by their parents, and/or a couple of our ride leaders. It is difficult to keep all these riders in a group that can be guided by one leader since they are all at different speeds/levels. Some of these kids will make it to Turkey and back, but at their own pace, and with a parent guide.
10-11 miles

This group can be handled by 2-3 ride leaders, and will go to Turkey and back on the river trail. They stay together riding at a pace that is good for the majority of the group (instructed by the ride leaders), and learn pack riding skills. These kids are on geared bikes.
20-25 miles

This group will ride on the road with 2 ride leaders. They will go out on Edison Ave, climb though some great hills in Sand Springs, then cross the river, and come back down Avery Dr. This is the shortest version of the Wednesday Night Ride. This route is also ridden by many other cyclists and a safe loop for our more experienced riders, or those up and coming riders looking to get more miles.
30-40 miles

These riders are our teenage riders that are progressing and need a faster pace/distance to ride. These athletes will be chaperoned by a single ride leader, but will most likely be ‘on their own’ in the group of Tulsa’s fastest riders.
Your funds go directly to supporting our young riders with bike repairs, equipment, team kits, travel expenses, and other essentials that make OKF possible. If you wish to donate a little, hit the Paypal button! If you wish to donate a lot, please reach out to us via email so that we can get you the proper 'Thank you' letter for your tax purposes. oklahomaflyers@gmail.com